Noor, Manager in Birmingham



Why choose T&S?

T&S excited me as a company that allows me to combine my experience of nearly 30years in the automotive industry, developing embedded systems for Aston Martin, Bentley and Land Rover and more recently running a staffing and recruiting consultancy in the Middle East where I worked with over twenty OEMs for their outsourced projects. I also love to work with and in France, Germany and also the UK!

What do you like most about T&S?

I love the people in T&S and the openness with which everyone does their work. I’ve always received a very warm welcome and been accommodated with warmth and friendship. I’ve only visited 2 offices so far, but want to visit all of them before too long! I met over 200 people within my first 2 days in the company!


What kind of clients do you have in Birmingham?

The UK automotive landscape is unique in that we have many large, often prestigious vehicle manufacturers with brands known the world over such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren and Mini to name just a few. There many niche companies too who make either limited series or bespoke vehicles such as JLR Special Vehicle Operations, Bentley Mulliner or companies making fire engines, roadsweepers or earth moving equipment like JCB and Caterpillar. We also have UK based traditional tier 1 suppliers like Bosch and ZF/TRW with whom we have long relationships. All of these manufacturers have some elements of complex electronic systems which take a great deal of expertise and know-how to design and develop.

Are you recruiting now? What kind of profile are you looking for? 

We have a mix of projects and are currently sourcing for Chassis Systems Functional Safety roles, Connected Car experts as well as DevOps and Embedded Systems and Software Engineers. There are some exciting projects for special features engineers and also calibration engineers for some new clients. The UK offers exciting opportunities for experience working in the luxury automotive sector and some of the most exclusive brands and products on earth.

Could please tell us about the atmosphere in your team in Birmingham?

Birmingham is the UK’s second city and there are 4million inhabitants. We have a mix of UK and EU staff and a flexible and enjoyable working environment – there’s always lots to do! The future prospects for work and projects in the UK are wide and varied. Many clients have already committed significant investment in future technologies and the business opportunities for the UK look very positive. We have clients in the very North of the Country and also close to London. The distance between our most remote clients is 500kms!