Caroline, Campus Manager


How has your career evolved within T&S Group?

My T&S adventure began with an apprenticeship on August 2017 as I was entering my Master’s last year. I started working in Adèle Bohl’s team, handling relocation and training issues. I loved helping the consultants out, whether for their arrival in a new country or to improve their skills.


By the end of my apprenticeship, I was offered the opportunity to be in charge of University relations Management, which I happily accepted. I believe that T&S has a lot of to offer to students and young graduates. Indeed, the dynamic working environment, the innovative projects as well as the values we promote and share make T&S the perfect company for them. Therefore, I am highly motivated to increase T&S’ presence in universities so that students get to know the company and its opportunities better. 

What are your daily responsibilities? 

The most important in my job is to be in constant communication both with my colleagues from every T&S entity as well as with universities and students. In order to be able to organize relevant events where both sides can meet and discuss in the best possible conditions, I need to be aware of their needs and expectations. Therefore, an important part of my job is gathering the information that will help me make the right decisions on which event to participate to or to organize.

That means that tasks and challenges are different every day. Some days are more dedicated to purely organizational tasks. This enables our teams to be present at career fairs, to meet students during networking and/or recruiting events or to present our expertise and company in form of a conference. Other days will be focused on gathering and classifying information I get through discussions and research. Last but not least, some days will be full of promotion. The latest needs to be done for our latest events and our newest job and internship offers.

What kind of partnership have you implemented with schools or universities?

As of now, T&S signed 6 official partnerships with ESTACA, INSA, ECAM, SUPINFO, UTBM, eXia.CESI. Other partnership agreements are being negotiated right now and should be signed in a bit. These partnerships have two main goals. First, to make the bond towards the school official. Second, it settles the dates and nature of T&S-students meetings.

The aim followed is that, beyond career fairs, T&S gets the opportunity to meet and get to know students and the other way round. Students will be more inclined to apply at T&S if they got to know us through a personal exchange with a consultant or manager. This also is why I am trying to organize conferences in universities, presenting a subject relevant to the student’s studies and that is part of our expertise.

The qualitative side apart, partnerships or at least a good relationship also allow us to communicate on our events and current open positions.   

Finally, I am more and more working, hand in hand with consultants, on expanding our relations with alumni networks.

What message would you like to send to T&S employees?

Our presence in universities only can work out if I can rely on motivated and engaged colleagues. These must be willing to spend some time and ideas in increasing our presence in universities. If any colleague in T&S, no matter the position, has a good contact in an university or to an alumni network, an idea on what event to offer to students and young graduates, the wish to take part in one of the several events with universities all over Europe, they are more than welcome to get in touch with me. I am open to any suggestion and curious to hear what ideas my colleagues might have.