Adeline, GRS French Champion




What is your position?

I’m HR Manager for France, I joined Technology & Strategy 9 years ago.


Could you talk to us about your hobby and the last title you have just won?

I started to practice rhythmic gymnastics when I was 6and I practiced until I turned 18. After a break of 8 years, I have decided to start again in 2013. I started competition three years ago, and I have recently won the french championship FSGT (with the hoop). Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation (rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon). I compete individually and also as part of a team.




How do you manage to combine personal and professional life?

I trained about 8hours per week, with mostly training session during the week-end, which let me the opportunity to have a perfect balance between personal and professional life. In my opinion, in order to be happy in your work, you have to be happy in your personal life, that’s why It is really important to find a balance between your hobby and your job.


What connection do you make between your passion and your job at T&S?

First, I would say you need to reveal investment and commitment, indeed I’m committed to my hobby as well as my job on a daily basis. On the same way, I force myself to be rigorous on the mat as well as at the office, during the week. And I have also the same will to surpass myself, and the same team spirit at the office with my teams, and during the weekend during competition time.


Do you think T&S have been provided you skills that helped you to get this title of french champion?

The biggest strength that T&S provided me, is definitely the support and the motivation I’ve received from my colleagues, and my teams. Moreover, our gymnastics team had the chance to receive the help of T&S as a sponsor


On the contrary, do you think your hobby provides you qualities and skills that are useful in your job on a daily basis?


Rhythmic gymnastics is a real breath of fresh air that allows me to go out from the rush and allows me to be always efficient when I’m at the office. That allows me also to take time only for me. And finally, I would say, that improves my creativity.