Climb the career ladder
within T&S Group
with continuous support

Senior consultantTechnical LeaderSenior TPMSenior TKAMMANAGER Department director Trainee ConsultantTechnical Sales SupportCompetencies Center Manager Technical Project Manager TPMTechnical Key Account Manager TKAMMANAGER Path Consultant career Advanced consultantTechnical Sales SupportTechnical LeaderTechnical Project Manager TPMTechnical Key Account Manager TKAM Junior consultantCompetencies Center Manager Development leader Trainee DEVELOPMENT LEADERjunior consultant MANAGERconsultantsenior consultant Path Business manager

Talents' Academy takes care of you!

T&S is committed to maintaining a close management relationship with its employees. We offer three levels of support to our consultants: first by the Manager, then by a human resources representative and finally by a Technical Manager. This active listening approach allows us to offer a career development path that's tailored to the individual.

As shown in the graphic, career mobility is possible within the group. T&S promotes versatility by enabling access to development and cross-functional roles.

Increasing the skills of our employees through training is particularly important to the group. Since 2016, T&S Group has benefited from an internal training Academy that offers group training sessions and individual supervision depending on requests. The topics covered include technical skills, but also people skills (management, communication, leadership).