Growing together in Europe,
an ambition to be shared

million euros
in 2018

Creativity, excellence, sharing and transparency are values that are common to each employee of T&S Group. Creativity and operational excellence are practised both internally and externally to provide an optimal quality of service and an innovative approach. Sharing is a value we embody on a daily basis. To us, sharing means communicating, discussing, contributing ideas and taking the Group forward together. Transparency means giving our employees, job applicants and customers access to the information that will enable them to take a forward-looking approach and actively contribute to making our shared vision a reality.


A stimulating environment

Since its creation in 2008, the group has relied on its position as a strong technological specialist to gather, attract and develop the best talent in its areas of expertise. It's also in the company's DNA to establish synergies between the various European countries in which it operates. This involves close partnerships with its clients that offer visibility and stability to its consultants, opportunities for mobility between group entities and enriched career paths. With the background of strong growth that the group has experienced since its inception, we can certainly say that T&S offers a stimulating working environment.

Out of conviction, the group has always placed an emphasis on supporting its employees in their career plans. Building on its strong human values, T&S works on a daily basis to supervise and help its employees to develop by offering rapid and motivating individualised career paths. A lively corporate life helps us to instil and nurture a sense of belonging in each person. Events such as agency meetings, after-work meet-ups, team building events and Christmas parties punctuate the year and provide an opportunity to share key information in a friendly setting.

Personalised and dynamic support