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The specialisation of our offer, combined with the know-how of all our employees, affords T&S Group a leading position in sectors such as engineering, IT and digital.

Our involvement methods

Technical support is the ability to offer the client expertise based on commitment of resources. Our experts will act as operational partners to our clients as they implement their projects. In this involvement method, the client maintains responsibility for the project.

The T&S Service Centre offers our clients the benefit of its expertise in a range of services. Our clients can pick and choose the expertise and the amount of resources they need to support them in their projects. This involvement method offers greater flexibility as well as simplified management of the budget. In this involvement method, the client maintains responsibility for the project.

Work packages involve the end-to-end production of a project by T&S Group experts, with T&S Group assuming responsibility for the project. The project may be carried out either at the client's premises or those of T&S. Targets in terms of deliverables, quality, planning and budget are contractualised upstream between the client and T&S. For the successful completion of the project, T&S relies on its teams of expert consultants, as well as the Group's Technical Department.

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Electronics can now be found in all equipment, whether for use by industry or individuals. When designing an electronic system, there are considerable constraints to be factored in with regard to functionality, reliability and durability. T&S Group offers its expertise from the design phase through to testing and development of the physical product.

  • Development of mobile apps
  • µP / µC programming
  • Coding rules
  • Compliance and development standards
  • Digital/analogue development

Security critical Software Engineering

Testing & Validation

Hardware Development

Electrical engineering

Development of controls & Servos

Application Configuration

Design and manufacture of electronic cards and subassemblies

Whether you're working on an information system, business intelligence, or cybersecurity, T&S Group supports you in your IT projects, from the expression of needs through to the design and implementation of a customised solution.

Application design and development: T&S supports its clients over the entire life cycle of their projects (from development to integration and TMA) and in the development of their information systems.

Our languages and technologies: C#, ASP, .NET, Web Services.Net, Java/J2EE, JSP, Cobol, DB2, SQL, SQLServeur, Oracle, GIT, Jenkins, HP Quality Center, RTC

Structuring and utilisation of data, consulting and integration of decision-making solutions.

Deployment, production, user support, V-cycle project management and agile method.

Development of applications for smartphone, tablet, web on multiple platforms

Our languages and technologies: IOS, Android, Xamarin.

Project management

Cybersecurity & Cyberstrategy

Mechanical engineering forms the fundamental design of the product process because it is responsible for defining the product's structure and how it behaves within physical constraints (dimensions, T°, stresses etc.). T&S Group's mechanical engineering experts advise their clients throughout the product development cycle, from innovation phase to completion.

Design: Drafting of specifications, parts list, 2D Drawing, 3D Modelling..

Calculation: Digital mechanical simulations

Mechanical project management

Prototyping & Testing

Reliability & Quality Analysis

Costs optimisation

3D printing in plastic and metal

With years of experience in a variety of demanding business sectors, T & S Group experts offer you concrete solutions to optimize the organization and performance of your company.

Performance Analysis and Risk Management (Safety)

Process optimisation

Change Management

Inspection & Internal Audits

Skills management

Project Management

Industrialization and the definition of the manufacturing process are essential stages in the creation of the product. The challenge for T&S Group consultants is to create machines capable of producing products to rigorous standards, while ensuring their performance, speed and reliability. As a true partner to our clients, we work with them to build the industrialization strategy and the manufacturing process together.

Optimisation of processes physically and through virtual reality

Technological innovations

Industrial project management

Supply Chain Management

Change Management, Lean Manufacturing

Assistance in project management: New works, industrialisation, Equipment compliance, quality, maintenance

Special machine development/Testing Cell

3D Modelling of Industrial Process (virtual tour, training, maintenance)

Design and manufacture of electronic cards and subassemblies

Software development (μC, PC, μP): Drivers, Communication & Application layers, HMI, Algorithms

Testing: Specific testing systems and special machines

Electronics: Analogue and Digital

Automatic: Servos/Control, Modelling

Software quality: Testing, Code Analysis, Software Documentation, Configuration Management

CAD: 2D and 3D drawing

Calculations of structures and fluids

3D printing in plastic and metal

Prototyping & Testing

Digital transformation is a key phrase that is now used across all lines of business . Some sectors, particularly industry and retail, have invested heavily and for some time now in technology, skills management and the development of new paperless customer relations. T&S Group now supports its clients throughout the digital value chain: from strategic consulting to the implementation of the most advanced methods, processes and technologies in order to produce, sell and engage efficiently in "connected" mode. Our involvement relies on the expertise gained from many business transformation projects (production / servicing process, engineering, IT) and on a detailed knowledge of the challenges of the B2B and B2C digital economy:

  • Changing business models under the leadership of agile new entrants,
  • Shake-up of market powers with the emergence of new jobs, trades and skills,
  • Reallocation of budgets to new business priorities or organisation,
  • Omnichannel marketing, new uses, e-commerce, etc.

The "customer" aspect is key in accessing digital transformation: general public, executive management, purchasing services, craftsmen, professional organisations, public institutions; all of these profiles need (and deserve) to be well treated in digital terms. A customer journey audit allows you to identify the key elements of the digital customer experience and improve business performance drivers

  • Website analysis, usability, conversion
  • On/offline journey analyses
  • Analysis of paperless service journeys (e-administration, software HMI, etc.)

This tailor-made consulting process can harness the expertise of usability engineers, communicators, statisticians, process, technology or e-commerce experts, and can be carried out over very short periods (2-3 days), such as the generation of recurring observation barometers.

For the urban driver, who in the future will be able to control their connected car via their smartphone, or the site manager wanting to manage their allocation of technical resources or equipment orders by thumbprint on their smartphone, we develop mobile applications in a dedicated B2B department and through our B2C digital agency.

  • Framework for the mobile service, objectification of uses, performance KPIs
  • Functional and technical design
  • Development, production, internal or store release
  • Campaigns for product launches, download stimulation, user training

Mobile apps, web apps, responsive design sites; all the tools needed to effectively manage mobile services receive the benefit of our creative expertise and specific techniques. T&S Group offers these services to its clients, primarily in work package mode.

E-commerce platforms have become key tools in business strategy, along with all other drivers that enable businesses to generate qualified prospect and customer traffic, manage omnichannel relationships in one-shot or long-term campaigns, stimulate transactions and interact with target audiences.

  • Creation of websites for desktop and mobile
  • Management of customer attraction and loyalty campaigns
  • Social media marketing, emailing, influence strategies, newsletters, SEO/SEA, etc.
  • Data, eCRM and customer knowledge

This wide-ranging expertise, coordinated for over 15 years by our digital entity, Octelio Conseil, enables all traditional or online sales players, manufacturers or service companies, to benefit from comprehensive operational marketing support, often for a performance-based fee.

T&S Group supports its customers by offering customised training programmes in technical and human skills. The programmes were developed by our teams of engineers, managers and internal trainers. Objective: to develop your employees' skills in order to strive for excellence. Our training programmes are Datadock certified. Our training focuses on :

Computer programming languages (contact us for details)

Project Management Methods: V cycle, Agile Scrum



Business development

Business case