Lormatech was founded in Metz in 2012. Within a few years, the company has grown from its regional roots into a proven partner of the manufacturing industry in the East of France. Lormatech is an expert project management consulting firm that supports its clients in optimizing their corporate performance. It specialises in industrial process optimisation and the management of complex projects: R&D, innovation, new works and industrialisation, maintenance and industrial organisation.
Lormatech joined T&S Group in 2017. This rapprochement enables Technology & Strategy’s experts to support their customers throughout the complete product cycle, from design to production.
Lormatech benefits from the MASE certification (Security Management). The company works in partnership with CEA Tech and the platform « Usine du futur »



in metz

Centre d’affaires CESCOM,
4 Rue Marconi,
57070 Metz

Standard jobs

New Works project management

Lean Manufacturing

Maintenance method

Knowledge capitalization

Process development

Industrial modernisation

Key expertises



Metal industry



Public sector


Steel industry

Food Industry

Examples of accomplished projects

Industrial modernisation

    • Revamping of industrial installations
    • Installation of production line, test beds, methods of control
    • Automation of product line/tracking tools
    • Dimensioning and organisation of works


    • Installation of ERP, CMMS, computerized management tool
    • Resolution of technical problems
    • Externalisation and rationalisation of activity and services

Lean management

    • Process mapping
    • Dimensioning and optimisation of resources, flows and stocks


Marouane Bougnouch

Marouane Bougnouch

Project Engineer Consultant

working at Lormatech/T&S, since October 2017,

I work mainly on maintenance organization projects, but I also work on continuous improvement and project management issues. My biggest motivation is the desire to run the project efficiently and thus achieve the consumer satisfaction.

In my work, several skills are needed. In addition to the obvious capacities of analysis and synthesis, curiosity and adaptability allow an easier integration in the customer’s structure. Since we have to meet plenty of people in the company, high relationship-building skills are necessary. You also need to know how to adapt to different audiences, whether they are employees or managers. Finally, it is essential to know how to work independently to secure a good project management.

One mission in particular impressed me. It was short (2 months) but the work was intense. My goal was to create a quality management system for three different locations of the same industrial group. This creation was aimed to validate a customer quality audit in order to win à new market representing an additional turnover of 2 million euros. Finally, the audit was validated for the three locations, which allowed to win a new market and thus evolve our client’s customer panel.

Florian Alves

Florian Alves

Support Reliability Maintenance / Production

worked at Lormatech 2015-2016, working at T&S , since January 2018,

I work on a mission in the steel industry with 2 main objectives : pilot and animate the Reliability process but also provide a technical and project support to the maintenance and production operational managers.
In my job, several skills are needed, including a good multidisciplinary technical basis to understand the problems on the ground. Cross-functional management skills and the ability to communicate with all levels of management are more than helpful. Finally, it is important to know how to get information on the ground and from the people.
I am delighted to use my expertise for a mission adressing a problem in an environment that is both technical and human.