Octelio Conseil

Octelio Conseil is a specialist Data Driven Digital Marketing agency that supports its key account clients in the development, deployment and management of interactive, effective and profitable solutions for market penetration and generation of customer loyalty, with a view to increased market share and sales growth.
25 experts cover the entire Digital Factory and Digital Marketing value chain, and are primed to design and develop efficient and cost-effective solutions that will achieve clients' business goals.



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Octelio Conseil Paris
178 rue Montmartre,
75002 Paris

in lille

Octelio Conseil Lille
32 Place de la Gare,
59000 Lille

Key expertises

Webmarketing/Customer Activation

  • Raising the online visibility of your site in order to generate qualified traffic and increase your turnover
  • Designing and developing the strategic and operational aspects of your "Customer Centric" digital acquisition approach to achieve ambitious market
  • Comprehensive support for your qualified traffic acquisition strategy
    • Definition of an acquisition strategy tailored to your marketing goals
    • Creation of tools (emails, banners, mini-sites, text messages etc.)
    • Configuration and management of customised levers (SEO, SEA, Social media, display, RTB, retargeting, etc.)
    • Monitoring and optimization in real time (Analytics, reporting, etc.)

Digital Production/Customer Experience

  • Providing you with e-commerce sites and/or mobile apps that enable you to manage your online sales in a comprehensive, modern way and that interface seamlessly with your ERP and third-party APIs.
  • Offering premium, user-friendly, smooth and informative online shopping experiences,
    • with an emphasis on customer enjoyability,
    • that respond to current online codes and trends in line with your positioning and image while differentiating you from your competitors.
    • that guide internet users towards the purchase act, in order to efficiently convert web marketing investments into turnover.
  • Managing your projects in agile/scrum mode to accelerate production processes while guaranteeing quality control throughout project sprints.

Customer/Data Knowledge - ECRM

  • Designing and implementing your ECRM strategy in order to adapt to your changing demands in terms of prospect/customer targeting and relations.
    • Defining targeted objectives
    • Designing and implementing campaigns
  • Optimising and maximising the potential of your databases
    • Construction, enrichment, segmentation
    • Analysis, reporting, recommendations
  • Helping you to choose the best CRM solution for you
    • Design briefs
    • Pre-select providers
    • Training, support in the deployment of the tools and data migration


This sector, which provided a launching point for the agency in 2008, is undergoing a major shift in its economic models. For 15 years, Octelio has been helping many of its players to increase their online sales through agile marketing campaigns.

Tourism has a basic need for digital channels in order to attract customers. Octelio works with leading brands in the industry to optimise their online customer experience: websites, traffic generation campaigns, promotional and loyalty newsletters, eCRM. We provide fully autonomous management of eCRM programs for players without the necessary internal resources.

Insurance is going digital, and Octelio provides support on a range of subjects in the sector, such as single event promotion to local agents via email campaigns, but also the design and deployment of social media management strategies to generate new customer interactions.

From the sale of car magazine subscriptions to the creation of online vintage car auction sites, Octelio provides assistance throughout the vehicle commercial cycle. Our skills are in 100% online distribution, but also in the activation of B2B/B2C sales in dealer networks.

From e-commerce sites dedicated to wines or social media strategies for opticians, Octelio can provide comprehensive management for ambitious online loyalty programmes: loyal customer stores, loyalty points management, gifts, supplier relations, etc.